Why you will want to WORK with us.

CROMAC combines over forty years of precision experience.  Our executives, managers and engineers are all fluent in the language of refurbishing and repairing heavy equipment.
No matter how large your challenge we can rise to the occasion.  We solve complex problems with a simple approach.


Our diverse history and knowledge base makes us a partner in your day to day operations.  We understand original OEM specifications and the characteristics of how they operate.  The lifespan of your crucial equipment is everything.  Downtime could cost you hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars.

how we started

West Texas is legendary in the oil and gas industry.  CROMAC started servicing regional leaders more than forty years ago.  Since our inception we have provided value to our client base.  We now service companies of all sizes, from the small independent oilman to the international giants.

what we do BEST

We exceed expectations.  Attention to detail is our standard practice.  No matter the brand we know OEM equipment.  We save our valued clients countless hours of productivity and thousands of dollars.