One of our many services includes our proprietary cleansing system.

Our innovative system uses an agitated caustic to treat the equipment over a set amount of time in order that we remove paint, rust and dirt.
You can see below how effective the quality of the clean is with our before and after images of a power cylinder head that underwent the process!


Cromac Completes 3 month project refurbishing 70 year old steam pump!

Recently, Chrome completed a 3 month project refurbishing a 70 year old steam pump for one of our customers. The steam pump was used to keep  tar fluid so it could be pumped through the pipeline.
Normally this project would not pose a challenge to the experts at Chrome however, there were no parts available for this pump in the marketplace!


PROSCO (The Pros) Acquires Chrome Machine and Casting (Cromac)

The PROS Company (The PROS) of Lubbock, Texas has announced the acquisition of Chrome Machine and Casting, Inc. (CROMAC) of Amarillo, Texas.
The acquisition is much more than a Texas story or an industrial sector story. The production of American jobs and economic growth is alive and well through small business growth.