West Texas is world known for the quality and amount of oil and gas that is produced. Cromac was founded as a partner for this industry. Compressors are frequently used in refinery systems, oil drilling rigs, air core drilling, and mineral exploration. Other applications of compressed air include soot blowing, turbine operation in oil, coal, sewage, waste gas and biogas plants and systems. We are here to maximize your production and quality!
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agribusiness industry

In the agricultural industry, many of the machines and day-to-day operations utilize compressors for a continuous or intermittent supply of clean, pressurized air. This industry has a strong need for on demand compressed air. This industry requires the most advanced technology to maintain a superior operation. Make sure to choose the engineers and experts of Cromac!
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mining industry

Mining is among the largest industries in the world and has an elaborate history of innovating techniques and technology. The extraction of minerals and valuable resources is an extensive operation that requires only the highest performing compressors and machinery. Like other industries there are many dangers that can be controlled by having all the right equipment at OEM standards! Ask about our 2000 hour guarantee!
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