The PROS COmpany (The Pros) Acquires Chrome Machine and Casting (Cromac)

The PROS Company (The PROS) of Lubbock, Texas has announced the acquisition of Chrome Machine and Casting, Inc. (CROMAC) of Amarillo, Texas. The announcement comes as American GDP continues to climb and consumer confidence recovers. The acquisition is much more than a Texas story or an industrial sector story. The production of American jobs and economic growth is alive and well through small business growth.
Rhett Newberry of The PROS and Bernie Thomas of CROMAC agreed upon terms on February 7, 2015. The acquisition features true synergy of operations and customer bases.
The PROS Company is a specialty machine shop that PROfurbishes rotary screw compressors, gearboxes and the repair of screw compressors back to OEM specifications using new technology and proprietary methods.
CROMAC is an innovative machine shop that specializes in repairing reciprocating compressors and engine parts. In addition they feature a world-class inventory of slow speed compressors, engine heads, pistons, blocks, cylinders, manifolds, rods and cranks.
"I am very pleased to be passing my company over to The PROS because when I come back here in 5 years, I know it will still be here and going strong," says Thomas.
"We are very excited about the Chrome Machine acquisition because it has great potential and it expands our product offering to our customers,” says Newberry. “Most importantly we have the opportunity to grow the company and add more jobs in West Texas."
With the acquisition Mark Fitte has been promoted to General Manager of CROMAC and is expected to add up to ten new positions in 2015 alone.
The PROS will introduce new technology and methods to enhance the offerings of CROMAC and continue to generate economic growth not only in West Texas and the South West, but the United States.