Cromac Completes 3 month project refurbishing 70 year old steam pump!

One of the services that Chrome Machine offers is the ability to resurrect equipment that is no longer manufactured or supported!
Recently, Chrome completed a 3 month project refurbishing a 70 year old steam pump for one of our customers. The steam pump was used to keep  tar fluid so it could be pumped through the pipeline. Normally this project would not pose a challenge to the experts at Chrome, however there were no parts available for this pump in the marketplace!
Our journey to bring back this amazing piece of equipment started when we took it apart, photographed every part and then went to work remaking all of the parts that could not be reused! Take a look below at what this mission entailed and view the Youtube video to see how smooth we got this operating! We also have the plans and templates available if we ever need to repair or refurbish another.
• We had to fabricate piston rings for the actuator and fix the pistons
   themselves by making them round again.
• We made all new stop bushings and a new polished rod.
• Cut new seating surfaces on valves and fitted to seats.
• Rebuilt Valve bodies
• Welded and machined valve stops
• Fabricated a new slide
• Rebuilt the lubricator box
• Sleeved piston areas on actuator housing
• Welded and machined slide arm
• Made new arm control
• Fabricated new frame rails, rail holes and drilled and
    installed new taper pins in frame rails
• Fabricated a new piston cap, sleeved piston guide ring,
    and fabricated new rings
• Piston rod spray welded and machined
• All new studs, bolts, and nuts fabricated and installed
• Faced and sleeved all areas requiring it.